David Biedny recently presented a really nice review of Studio Artist in Mac Life magazine. We’d like to thank David for recognizing that Studio Artist is ‘a new kind of artistic software that brings something truly unique and innovative to the table’.

David also loves Particle pen brushes and the amazing possibilities of the built-in-vectorizer. As well as ‘an entire programmable set of Photoshop-style image-processing filters that far supersede those found in Photoshop’.

The real strength of Studio Artist is that it’s an entire full featured environment for creating an unlimited range of different visual effects. Both for still artistic imagery as well as video animation and video effects. So it was refreshing to see David pick up on the synergistic power of Studio Artist’s different range of visual effect and digital paint tools and how they can work together to create amazing organic looking results that are really very unique and innovative.

Mac Life magazine has always been a great resource for Mac computer users over the many years they have been in existence, and we’re grateful they found the time to help support us with a nice review of Studio Artist.


  1. I posted this on one of your older posts but I thought it might have a better chance of being seen here. I just read the review that Mac Life gave Studio Artist 4 and thought I would give it a try but I can't find a demo version anywhere! Any chance that's coming out soon? Looks like people have been asking for one for a while 😉 Product looks great, looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Yes, the demo currently available on the synthetik web site is the old 3.5 one, which works on macs only (and doesn't feature any of the new version 4 features or new workspace and visual look). If you are on a mac it is available to try out. Studio Artist 4 runs native on intel (as well as PPC via dual binary), the old 3.5 demo runs under rosetta on intel machines.

    We've been adding a ton of new features to version 4 since the initial release at the beginning of last year. So that ended up eating up the time we could have spent into putting together a new demo app. Bad for people like yourself, but by far the best option for our existing customers (which maybe gives you a little insight into our focus as a company and our dedication to our existing customer base).

    Anyway, i am hearing you, so we will try and get some form of demo for version 4 up soon for people like yourself to try out.

    As a company we are morally opposed to software protection schemes that place what i would call 'crapware' on your computer, most software demos involve some for of this as a part of the copy protection schemes they use (things like hidden background startup applications associated with the demo protection scheme). So our refusal to take that route for adding protection to a demo is the other issue that has slowed down getting a new one up for version 4.

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